Seven core mindsets of Fanatical Prospectors

I´ve spent a lifetime studying fanatical prospectors. Along the way I discovered seven core mindsets that define them. These are their success clues.

Duplicate these mindsets and you´ll guarantee yourself success in filling your pipeline and crushing your number.

1. Optimistic and enthusiatic

Fanatical prospectors have a winning optimistic mindset. They know that negative, bitter people with a victim mindset do not succeed in sales.

Fanatical prospectors attack each day with enthusiasm, fired up and ready to rock. They view each day as fresh new opportunity to achieve. Because of this, they seize the day, brush past naysayers and complainers, and dive into prospecting with unequaled drive.

Even on bad days they reach deep inside and find enough stored enthusiasm to push themselves to keep going and make one more call.

2. Competitive

Fanatical propectors view prospecting through the eyes of a fierce competitor. They are hardwired to win and will do whatever it takes to stay on top.

They begin each day prepared to win the battle for the attention of the most coveted prospects, and outwit and outhustle their competitors at every turn.

3. Confident

Fanatical prospectors approach prospecting with confidence. They expect to win and believe they are going to win.

They have developed mental toughness and the ability to manage the disruptive emotions of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

They leverage confidence and self-control to persuade prospects to give up time and resources to engage in sales conversations.

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